While you’ve been scouring the Internet for your big day fashion and beauty inspiration (did you see Natalie Portman’s dress?!), we’ve been searching for ways for you to master these looks on your own. Case in point? Chicago-based Dollface Beauty School, the latest foray into building your own beauty routine. Consider it your personal tutor in tools and technique. Read on for the scoop from Be U Weddings!

Photo courtesy of Dollface Beauty School

After a few years as a stay-at-home mom, Jenny Patinkin knew she was ready to return to the working world. While crafting a new business plan for a beauty concept, a makeup artist noticed her raw talent, encouraging her to run with it–and so she did. A few weeks and intensive training courses later, Patinkin was signed by an international artist agency (Artists by Timothy Priano, to be exact!) and dove in. But as women around her lamented that they didn’t know how to master their own makeup routine, she realized her calling lay in familiar faces, and not those of models and celebrities.


Jenny Patinkin photos courtesy of Dollface Beauty School

Dollface Beauty School offers informative classes on the fundamentals of makeup application–a perfect alternative for a DIY (or budget-conscious) bride looking to prime and primp her own exterior. With a relatable and admirable make-over mission of “Lazy Perfection,” it’s easy to see why Windy City gals flock to Patinkin for the tools of the trade. “‘Lazy Perfection’ is about knowing your face and staying true to your style,” Patinkin says. “There are lots of simple techniques that will give you maximum benefits, and I’m a big believer that makeup doesn’t have to be complicated and over-worked to make you look and feel terrific.” (You mean we don’t have to spend half an hour frantically finagling product on our face during our morning rush? There is a god!) Touting customization over one-size-fits-all, Dollface Beauty School discovers what works for your skin type and coloring, your facial anatomy, and your style and lifestyle and streamlines it for every day–or the big day! Not to mention, classes are typically taught in her Lincoln Park home studio, so you can relax in a comfortable setting where there’s no pressure to purchase any product.

Before and after client shot; photo courtesy of Dollface Beauty School

While you try to find fault in this functional–and seriously fun–concept (trust us, it’s flawless, just like your complexion will be!), we asked Patinkin to school us in some bridal beauty know-how:

  • You can follow in Kate Middleton’s footsteps: OK, sure, Prince William isn’t yours to keep (repeat after me: you have a loving fiance), but if the Duchess can paint a gorgeous face, so can you, with the right amount of application practice. Patinkin says to focus on finding the following: a foundation that makes your skin look radiant; mascara or lashes to give a fluttery, feminine look; and a blush that gives a fresh, pretty pop of color. “The most important step is practice and taking lots of photos of yourself in lots of different lights, so that you can get a sense of what works and what doesn’t,” Patinkin adds.
  • Avoid the number one beauty mistake: Don’t set yourself up for disaster with dirty, dried out makeup brushes! Brushes should “whisper product onto skin,” according to Patinkin. If they’re scratchy, misshapen, or shedding, their time’s up.
  • Pinterest your heart out, but proceed with caution: Selena Gomez and Rachel McAdams score an A-plus in Patinkin’s beauty grade book for playing with color while managing to look natural. If you’re searching for a smoky, sultry eye to complete your bridal beauty look, consider Salma Hayek and Nina Dobrev, who also earn top mark’s in Patinkin’s eyes. But review your pins and magazine clippings carefully: “Editorial beauty looks like bleached out eyebrows or brightly colored graphic eyeliner should be avoided–they’ll seem dated when you look at your photos a few years down the road,” she says. Long lashes, structured eyebrows and dewy skin create a winning combination every time.
  • Let your bridesmaids lash out: With faux eyelashes, of course! Dollface Beauty School’s Lush Lash class is the most popular choice for a bridal party, and for good reason: “Even if their wedding day makeup is pretty similar to what they wear every day, the addition of lashes can really transform your look, and it’s something everyone can learn to do,” Patinkin notes.
  • Concealer is a woman’s best friend: Whether you need to cover blemishes/broken capillaries/discoloration; fill in pores; hide under eye circles; create or define shape; or clean up messy lines from those tears of joy, this product powerhouse does it all. No wonder it’s Patinkin’s top must-have of all time! Her current favorites: Amazing Cosmetics “Amazing Concealer” and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Conceal.


Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer available for purchase at Ulta; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Conceal available here

Treat your bridesmaids to an afternoon of bonding and beauty (class descriptions are available here), or opt for a solo session to perfect your wedding day glow. Whichever route you choose, we can guarantee you won’t want to skip class.

Dollface Beauty School offers daytime, evening and weekend appointments for private lessons or groups up to eight in the studio. Groups larger than eight must provide their own venue. Rates range from $35/person up to $275/group depending on service requested and the size of the group.

Would you schedule a bridal party beauty boot camp? Do you think you could tackle your wedding day makeup on your own? Discuss!



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