Happy Monday, brides-to-be! From rustic mason jars during cocktail hour to mustache and lips props to play with throughout the evening, recent years have introduced quite the crop of wedding trends. It’s enough to make us all turn into a berserk bridezilla! To help you save time (and your sanity), we polled some of Chicago’s fabulous planners on the pressing issue:

Considering the variety of trends that have popped up in recent years, what’s the one fad you think has staying power that our Chicago brides should truly consider?”


      Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event

“Photo booths!  There is nothing more fun than seeing your reception in full color online to share via social media the next morning – and capturing the candid, silly, celebratory, personality-centric photos of the evening in a photo booth.  Not to mention, these photos in an oversize coffee table book/photo album are almost more fun to look through than the formal wedding shots.”

  Melissa Samek, Clementine Custom Events

“Of the many wedding trends that have popped up over the years, I think the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend is a fresh and modern approach to styling your bridesmaids.  Bridesmaid dress shopping can be a bit stressful for the bride because she is looking for that magical dress that will please everyone (which is nearly impossible).  Forgo the matching bridesmaid dresses and allow the ladies to pick their own dress.  Whether the bridesmaids all wear the same color, but in different styles, or they all shop for their own dress in similar shades–I think this trend is here to stay.  It allows for the ladies to express their own individual personalities while still reflecting the colors and style of the wedding.”

  Lauren Knuepfer, LK Events

 ”If your day doesn’t allow you to see each other prior to the ceremony and have a private first look–a common trend currently–find a ‘look’ or ‘moment’ at some point of the wedding day for you two to take a minute together, and remember it.  Your “first look” could be walking into cocktail hour or the first viewing of your reception before the guests come into dinner. Take a moment with your spouse to admire all the hard work you have put in to creating the wedding of your dreams. Reflect on how lucky you both are to be married, to have your friends and family celebrating with you. Remember this day represents a new beginning, the very first day of a wonderful future together–which is a pretty awesome “moment.” ~


Tiffany Munster, Soirée Weddings & Events

“One trend that I think has staying power would definitely be the photo booth.  There are so many different photo booth companies out there to choose from, all offering different styles.  From vintage to indie to classic, there is the perfect photo booth out there for any type of bride.  They are also reasonably priced! Most couples incorporate the wedding favor into the photo booth by including bookmark sleeves or picture frames to hold the photo strips; guests can them take them home as their favor.  Fun for the guests as well as a little piece of memorabilia!”


                   Stacy Saltzman, So Stacy

“I would say one thing that has a staying power is late night snacks. They can be sweet or savory and often couples bring in their favorite foods if the venue allows it, or do additional fun desserts that are tray passed. If the budget doesn’t allow for additional food to be added, I always talk with the catering manager to see if one appetizer or the champagne toast can be switched out for late night food.”

 The team at Big City Bride

“As wedding planners, we believe the bride and groom, their family and guests deserve to completely enjoy the event. It’s hard to take a moment to let the reality soak in that it’s the wedding day but it is so important! There is no better way to do so then to relax at a lounge vignette and kick up your dancing feet for just a minute. No matter the style or theme of your wedding, providing couches and settees gives your guests areas to gather and truly enjoy the day you’ve planned.


What about you, Be U brides? Which trend are you tackling for your big day? Drop us a note in the comments section below.




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