Sometimes you find something, or someone, special in the most unexpected places. Whether you find that sold out Kate Spade polka dotted heel you were dying to wear for your rehearsal dinner on an online garage sale or a love at a place you hate visiting, the key is to open your mind to new things. Lindsay Segal’s love story to Lou Jacobsohn and her business, Luxury Garage Sale, are proof that sometimes the unexpected lead to meant 2 be life changes.

Lindsay’s amazing items on Luxury Garage Sale seem #meant2beChicago, but her love with Lou is even more. Read more about their Chicago love story below.

Q. How did you two meet?

A. Lou and I met in 2007 on a 4th of July Boat Party. I hate boats but some of my friends convinced me to join for the night. A mutual friend introduced us and we spent the night talking. He called me the next day and asked me on a date to play ping pong! The rest is history.

Q. When did you get married and where?

A. We got married at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park on August 25th, 2012.

Q. How long was your engagement?

A.We were engaged for a year and a half. If I could do it again, I would do it in 6 months.

Q. Did anything go wrong on your big day? If so, what?

A. No, the day was awesome. We had the ceremony outside, so I was very nervous about the weather- being in August, there always seems to be summer showers. I was stalking for about 10 days before the wedding started, and all turned out OK!

Q. What surprised you about the wedding planning process?

A. Everybody has an opinion! I thought it would be mostly about what Lou and I wanted. We didn’t realize how spirited our family members were about the occasion.

Q. What do you wish someone had told you prior to planning the wedding?

A. Don’t have a year-and-a-half engagement! By the end, I was so ready to stop planning and stop talking about it to everyone. I just wanted to be married and in the next phase of our lives.

Q. Did you have any sticker shock during the process? If so, what category surprised you the most?

A. I didn’t really have that much sticker shock. So many of our friends had gotten married before us so I sort of knew what to expect. We didn’t have flowers since we got married in a garden, so we saved on a big cost!

Q. What is the best advice that you received about the wedding day?

A. Enjoy the moment. A lot of brides tell you that the whole night flew by, and they were not really able to savor the moment. We had a small family wedding, so I was able to spend a lot of time with close family, and it was really easy to remember the night’s memories.

Q. Who were some of the vendors and/or designers that you loved working with?

I worked with a ton of great vendors! Fig Media produced an awesome video. Entertaining Company served the most delicious food. And Revel Decor and Dinner Party designed our Chuppah and our tablescapes. I would highly recommend all of them.

Seems like Lindsay couldn’t wait to marry Lou and have the rest of their lives together. Maybe that’s why the amazing designer items on Luxury Garage Sale go so fast, she just wants them in your life because they just seem meant to be.

What couple will be our next #meant2beChicago love story? Stay tuned.


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