When it comes to love stories, we are can’t get enough and apparently neither can you. Our “Meant 2 Be” series is back by popular demand. We’ve brought you the sweet stories of Chicago’s loveliest couples, from chefs to photographers, boutique owners and designers. #BeU flipped the questioning chair on local co-anchor of Good Day Chicago, Anna Davlantes, getting all the details on her #meant2beChicago love with husband David Gamperl.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Davlantes, the couple at their state-side wedding reception 

Q. What would the headline of your story be?

A. “I think our headline might be ‘Right person, wrong time’. David and I knew each other 7 years before we finally went on a true first date. Both of our lives were busy. I was traveling a lot. I just wasn’t looking for love, with my career there wasn’t time for love.  Thank god, for David being relentless, he continued to ask me out. I started to question ‘Why haven’t I given him a chance?’ I wanted someone special. I decided it couldn’t hurt to go on a date. The rest is history; we were married a year later!”

Q.  Wow, 7 years, what a grand courtship! Do you have any fun stories from your dating files?

A. “David and I truly enjoy each other’s company. When we started dating, all of our dates seemed like a ‘big ask’, like family dinners. We both come from large families, our ‘dates’ seemed to always include a big family function. We spent a lot of time together, courting the old fashion way. I knew if we could enjoy during the boring moments together we would never have a down moment.”

Photo courtesy of Anna Davlantes 

Q. When and where did you two tie the knot?

A. “I was horrified to plan a wedding, watching friends marry, the planning seemed to consume them. So we eloped to Paris! {The couple celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary in April}. We married in a 16th century French church. My best friend from Lane Tech College Prep High School, lives in Paris. I was happy to have her with me. When we returned we had a HUGE reception, here in the states, with 450 of our nearest and dearest. It was ‘My Big Fat Greek/Italian Wedding’.”

Q. Is there anything you would change?

A. “Going back, I would not elope. I hadn’t considered our families. We overlooked the enjoyment they would have from participating in the ceremony. We didn’t realize how stressed friends would be that we eloped.

We involve the families in everything now, especially with my daughter Gabriella {who just turned one!}”

Photo Courtesy of Anna Dalantes

Q. How do you spend your downtime together?

A. “We enjoy spending all our time with Gabriella. We watch a lot of movies and cook at home. I walk everyday with Gabriella, about 2 miles, David tries to come along. There is something very ZEN about walking through the city.”

Q. Can you share one of your favorite recipes to make at home?

A.  We enjoy cooking together, often making the following recipes:


Spicy egg breakfast

Dice green pepper, onion and jalapeno. Sauté in low heat in olive oil with garlic, pepper & salt.

Add diced tomatoes. Add eggs and scramble. If want extra spice, add some spicy salsa.

When almost done, sprinkle cheese and crumble crispy tortilla chips into the mixture, stir together quickly and serve!



Silver Tequila

Agave nectar (to sweeten naturally)

1 cucumber


6 limes


LaCroix or soda water

Cut up jalapeno and cucumber (part of it) and drop in tequila amount you’re using.

Let it sit, at least 20 minutes, the longer the spicier and more flavorful.

Squeeze the limes and orange.

Add together with tequila mixture, agave nectar and touch of LaCroix, shake! Enjoy!

Photo Courtesy of  Splash Sun-Times

Q. If you do go out on the town, which Chicago restaurants can we find you in?

A. We often go to La Scarola, Coco Pazzo {where they went to celebrate their wedding} and Barco Mariscos – which is our go-to date night Mexican restaurant.

Everyone’s love story takes its own course, but one thing remains consistent in all of our #meant2beChicago loves, a connection, a feeling of completion each partner brings to the others life. Do you know a couple whose story #BeU readers should enjoy? Send me the details at cassandra@beuweddings.com, I adore a good love story!



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