Congratulations, you have said yes to the man of your dreams and are now happily engaged! Enjoy this moment? An avalanche of questions is quickly barreling your way. {And oh are there questions} “When’s the wedding? Where’s the wedding? What colors are you going with? Who made your wedding dress? What will you wear to the bridal shower? The rehearsal? What type of cake will you have? What kind of food will you have? What caterer are you using? Will you have a dessert table? What will your bridesmaids wear? Who’s doing your invitations? Who’s doing your hair? What’s going in your welcome bags?” This is an important celebration, taking time, money and much organization to unveil the perfect day. Before your head begins spinning with the details, a la The Exorcist, might we suggest checking out Wedloom?

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Wedloom is a new web resource connecting you to local wedding experts, reducing your stress and the time it takes to find your all-star wedding team. With more and more brides taking a DIY role in the planning, it’s hard to know who to trust. There is enough wedding info floating out there to fill the Library of Congress, a bride can get lost in it all. Wedloom looks to help you by offering key benefits of a wedding planner at a fraction of the cost!

  • Giving you personal recommendations on vendors, pricing, availability, and contract revues
  • Building a timeline and to do list {specifically tailored to your wedding plans}
  • Creating a detailed budget {keeping you on track with a budget tracker}
  • Answering general questions on a specific topic- decor, etiquette, seating charts.

The Wedloom team helps to alleviate your wedding planning stress, sending you down the aisle in wedded bliss {no bridezilla’s here}. They are even giving away a $100 gift certificate to the Red Door Spa in Chicago, for one lucky bride-to-be. How can you get in line for a little pre-wedding pampering? Just sign up for a 15-minute free consultation with a Wedloom wedding coach.

  • Go to the site and pick out what you need help with to create a custom package
  • You’ll then do a free 15 min online consultation with one of the wedding coaches, to talk about your needs and get a price quote
  • You’ll be able to sign up for a package for ongoing chats and deliverables.
  • You can communicate via our online tools to collaborate with the coach through the process {updating progress, keeping accountable, giving deliverables to the brides}

Photo Courtesy of Wedloom

With your wedding day magically and easily coming together, you now have time to enjoy the life changes coming your way. Chicago’s summer is in high gear, step away from the computer, grab your fiancée’s hand and hit a festival or open patio to enjoy the day. Wedloom has your wedding under control, no need to eat, sleep and breathe wedding details.



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  1. Chris Mayhew says:

    Sounds like a great idea to help couples get through the stresses involved in planning a wedding. It will be great for people to have an expert to talk and run their ideas by.

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