Fashion Friday: Top 10 Things to Consider When Working with a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for Your Wedding Day

It’s been a crazy few months. I got engaged in November 2012 and two weeks later went in for spinal fusion surgery. It’s been hard planning a wedding while in recovery mode but I feel relieved that we have most of the major stuff done. As Fashion Director of Be U Weddings, finding my wedding dress and accessories were easy as pie. One of my biggest challenges, though, was finding the perfect makeup artist and hair stylist. After several disappointing trials with numerous artists and stylists, I finally met the talented Ms. Sonia Roselli. Sonia’s been in the industry for many years with an impressive (and ever growing) list of celebrity clients.

The #BeUWeddings team is excited to introduce you to Sonia Roselli as she shares her expertise and tips on what to consider when working with a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day.

Hello, darling kittens!

Over the last 15 years, I have been truly blessed to have the top bridal makeup agencies in Chicago. When Be U Weddings asked me to write a feature on the Top 10 Things to Consider When Working with a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for Your Wedding Day, I couldn’t have been more excited! I hope my extensive experience as a wedding makeup artist will help you lovely brides have a better understanding of the beauty industry and relieve some of your stress of finding a great makeup artist and hair stylist for your big day!

So what things should you consider when hiring and working with a makeup artist and hair stylist? There is a lot more to it than you think. Here are my top 10 things to consider…

1. Book Your Wedding Makeup and Hair in Advance

Great makeup artists and hair stylists book up to 12-15 months in advance. Don’t listen to wedding sites and bridal magazines that tell you to book 3 months out because that is simply not enough time!

For on location services, my recommendation is to book 6-12 months out at the very minimum and closer to 12-15 months out in larger cities, like Chicago. Don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll miss out on your top choices of top talented artists and stylists! Makeup and hair should be scheduled soon after you book your photographer. However, if decide to go with a salon, you can wait closer to the date. Make sure to call the salon and ask them how you should proceed since scheduling will vary by the salon you choose.

2. Read Online Reviews

Research and read online reviews about your artist and stylist. A couple of great sites to check out are Yelp and Wedding Wire. When it comes to makeup and hair, beauty is subjective to each and every person. I’ve seen the most beautiful makeup and hairstyles on brides who have said they hated the way their makeup and hair turned out on their wedding day.

The professionalism of the artist and stylist who is creating the look is just as important as what a woman sees when she looks in the mirror. When reading online reviews, take into consideration how the team handled their overall wedding day. Were they on time? Did they keep the wedding moving smoothly? Were they pleasant to be with? The whole experience is just as important as how your look is created. Overall, if they have many great reviews and a few bad ones, chances are the person who left the bad review didn’t communicate well with their artist and stylist and was left feeling less than happy about the entire process.


3. Schedule Your Makeup and Hair Trials in Advance

Most makeup artists and hair stylists charge separately for trials so don’t spend your entire wedding day beauty budget on multiple trials. Not only will it break the bank, it will leave you dazed and confused.

Choose your top 2 favorite artists and stylists that fit your style and schedule your appointments as soon as you can. Makeup and hair trials are done so you can work together with the artist and stylist to figure out what best fits your style and needs. Remember to keep an open mind because the look you may think you absolutely love, you may end up hating.

At your trial, if you feel a connection with your artist and stylist…seal the deal and move on. Time is ticking and being indecisive will only make things more complicated for you. The more trials you do, the more you will drain your bank account. The longer it takes you to decide on an artist and stylist, the higher the chance they will be booked by someone else. Come on ladies, don’t let this be an issue for you!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up!

Be sure you tell your artist or stylist what you like and what you don’t like during your trial. Makeup and hair is not permanent, so if you don’t like something, just let us know! It’s an easy fix. If you tell your artist and stylist you like something that you really don’t like, they have no reason to believe otherwise.

Makeup artists and hair stylists are professionals and do not get offended easily. You won’t hurt our feelings if you tell us to put on more lashes or tone down the curls. We all want you to be thrilled with your look. When you leave your makeup and hair trial unhappy, it makes us unhappy as well. We can’t read your mind so make sure you SPEAK UP!

5. Be Realistic

You have imperfections. I have imperfections. We all have imperfections. Sometimes I find the most beauty in imperfections. There are ways to use makeup and hair to enhance or play up certain features but also be aware that there are a lot of things that we cannot fix. Make sure you discuss and clearly communicate any insecurities or concerns with your artist and stylist. At the same time, be realistic with your requests.

As we say in the industry, it’s a makeup brush and hair brush, not a magic wand. So if you have any insecurities, your artist and stylist can’t magically take that away. Embrace who you are, just the way you are!

6. Get a Solid Head Count Before You Book

Most makeup and hair stylists usually do more than one wedding in a day. So before you start making the process a lot harder for yourself, have your numbers confirmed before you book your services. I know, I know some bridesmaids can be difficult but getting a solid head count before booking isn’t as hard as you think. Most on location bridal beauty services require a minimum number of people in order for us to travel to your location, so have your numbers solidified before you are ready to book your contract. Nothing is worse than finding out half of your bridal party wants makeup and hair only to find out that your artist or stylist can’t fit them in because they have to be at another location to service another wedding party.


7. Get a Contract and Understand It

Just because a makeup artist and hair stylist has the wedding day open and available, don’t assume that you will be automatically booked with them for your day. Artists and stylists are like any other wedding vendor, so make sure to secure your spot with a signed contract and terms of services. A contract not only protects the artist and stylist you choose but it also protects you from any unforeseen circumstances.

Wedding contracts confirm that your artist and stylist will be at your wedding day and that you agree to the terms of services rendered. Keep in mind that wedding deposits are non-refundable so read your contract thoroughly and understand the terms before signing it. Don’t get angry if your vendor won’t refund the deposit because you changed your mind and decided to go elsewhere.


8. Be on Time and Be Courteous of Their Time

Be on time and be prepared to start when your artist and stylist arrive. Your artist and stylist are very aware of your wedding day timeline and will be respectful of your schedule. Show the same courtesy and be courteous of their time as well. When a makeup artist or hair stylist has to wait on someone, it makes it very stressful for the artist and stylist performing the services. Time is of the essence and they understand you have a timeline to follow, so make sure all the girls are ready to go in order to get your wedding party completed in time.


9. Consider Sanitation Practices

This is near and dear to my heart so please consider your artist and stylist’s sanitary practices when working with them. Do they spray their products and scrape their cream products? Do they sharpen their pencils before they use them on you? Serious makeup artists and hair stylists take sanitation very seriously and rightfully so. Ask your artist and stylist if they have sanitation practices in place for their team. An artist and stylist who is religious about sanitation will unquestionably share their sanitation practices without hesitation.


10. Trust Your Artist and Stylist

Don’t hold the reigns too tight and control your artist and stylist’s every move. You are paying them for their talent and expertise, so let them do their job. Don’t ask for 200 different opinions on how you look on the wedding day. Trust that they’ll work hard to make you look your best. After all, you’re representing them by showcasing your look on your big day.

Good luck you gorgeous brides!